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Our people

Andrew Botros

Andrew was Engineers Australia’s Young Engineer of the Year in 2006 for his contributions to cochlear implants, music acoustics, machine intelligence and the engineering community, and has spoken internationally in these fields. Andrew is also a University Medallist, a winner of Australia's Siemens Prize for Innovation and the Australian Acoustical Society's Excellence in Acoustics Award. Andrew is a recipient of the Future Summit's Australian Leadership Award, a judging panellist for the Australian Good Design Awards, and a graduate of public policy and administration at the ANU, where he conducted research in digital government and open innovation.

Andrew Pratley
BE (Manf & Mgt) BSc (Psych) PhD

Andrew Pratley has spent the last decade in the communication of engineering. His work has included voluntary projects, high school outreach programs and research on the success of team performance in the workplace. He has consulted for five years in the field of manufacturing and warehouse design. Andrew has degrees in Manufacturing Engineering and Management, Psychology and Research Management and Commercialisation, winning various awards for his research, design, engineering leadership and communication. Andrew teaches statistics at The University of Sydney Business School. He is the author of Inside Job.

Michael Bewley
BE (Elec) BSc (Phys & CompSc) PhD

Michael is passionate about full-stack data science—turning raw data into stories, analyses and predictive models that mean something in the real world. With a background spanning academia and industry, he has worked in product design, underwater robotics, medical devices and product analytics. Michael is a University Medallist and has a number of academic publications. His main focus is machine learning, having worked previously on automated detection of Alzheimer's using 3D brain scans, and now in the world of underwater robotics and marine science.