Helping engineers speak the language of business.
    • Communication I: The Fundamentals

      Duration: 2 days | Cost: $890 + GST per person

      Your investment in a communication program is an investment in your effectiveness as an engineer. Innovation is driven by communication, and our communication courses are delivered by innovators who have published widely and spoken internationally.

      In this flagship course you will be introduced to the tools of communication from an engineering perspective. Topics include audience appreciation, speaking techniques and the conversational style, presentation design, writing style and document design, networking, technical advocacy and 'Expression-driven Innovation'.
    • Communication II: Advanced Techniques for Collaborators

      Duration: 2 days | Cost: $890 + GST per person

      Building on Communication I, this course takes your engineering communication to the level of the enterprise. You will learn how to innovate and approach complex problems by drawing on the capabilities of other teams and departments in your organisation. Topics include mapping networks, building trusting relationships, collaboration platforms, positive conflict and negotiation.
    • The Communication Masterclass

      Duration: 1 day | Cost: $490 + GST per person

      Do you consider yourself one of the top communicators amongst your engineering peers? If you enjoy challenging your communication skills, then our Communication Masterclass is for you. Topics include advanced speaking techniques, Q&A skills, debating skills, narrative development, argumentation and plenty of competitive exercises throughout this highly interactive one day course.
  • Expressive Engineering is one of the few communication consultancies dedicated to engineering and technological sciences. We have the technical experience and expressive ability to best engage your internal and external audiences, with special emphasis on the effective communication of technical and statistical data.

    We can help you improve the communication between departments within your organisation, increasing the collaborative capacity of your engineers and technical professionals. We can assist your projects with the creation of your strategy, presentations, speeches, documents, articles and applications. We can also host your functions or workshops, as MC, facilitator or speaker, so please contact us to discuss any of your consulting needs.

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What I hate most about human behaviour

We’re hard-wired for imitation and hence, limitation. Here are three ways to improve group brainstorming and discussion, taken from our own experience.
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What *young* leaders really do

When we think of young leaders, we tend to think of young people on the development path to leadership. It’s as if we deliberately ignore the actual, current leadership of young people.
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Yes, blame the postman (you)

Communication is about your audience, not about you. The responsibility of removing the impediments to your audience falls on you, the communicator, who wants something of value from those you speak to.
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The injustice of credibility in communication

Communication builds credibility, which enhances communication, which builds more credibility. It’s an unjust cycle as the credible become even more credible all too easily.
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