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    • Statistics I: The Fundamentals

      Duration: 2 days | Cost: $890 + GST per person

      Whether you are a professional engineer or senior manager, this course is for you if you engage with statistics in your organisation. You will learn how to look critically at data and begin to make better business decisions from data. Topics include variability, distributions, confidence intervals, t-tests, p-values and research design.
    • Statistics II: Advanced Techniques for Data Analysts

      Duration: 2 days | Cost: $890 + GST per person

      Building on Statistics I, this course is for you if you produce statistics for your organisation. You will learn how to apply and critique statistics of publication quality. Topics include regression, ANOVA, power analyses and a comprehensive list of categorical and non-parametric tests of differences.
    • Data Analysis Masterclass: Machine Learning

      Duration: 2 days | Cost: $890 + GST per person

      If you produce predictive systems for your organisation, this course will broaden your modelling capability far beyond mere regression. Learn from instructors with commercial success in the field, on topics such as decision trees, support vector machines, Bayesian learning, clustering, factor analysis and cross-validation.
    • Data Analysis Masterclass: Visualisation and Expression

      Duration: 2 days | Cost: $890 + GST per person

      Data analysis meets communication—this course is for you if you desire greater persuasiveness and clarity in your communication of data and statistics. Topics include best practice in visualisation, presentation/document design and story telling with data. A wide range of charts are covered, from histograms to heatmaps.
  • Expressive Engineering is one of the few communication consultancies dedicated to engineering and technological sciences, but our engineering expertise is rooted in data analysis and statistics. We have the technical experience and expressive ability to best engage your internal and external audiences, with special emphasis on the effective communication of technical and statistical data.

    All our consultants have undertaken academic and commercial research in the field, with years of experience in clinical trials and social research, for example. Our data analysis work has won engineering awards and design awards, and has been published in international journals. Please contact us to discuss any of your consulting needs.

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